Children’s Science Centre „Tehnoannas pagrabi” (Cellars of the TechnoAnn) is an interactive journey into the world of human senses for everyone – child or adult. This is one of the smallest science centres in the world. The aim of its exclusive atmosphere and originally made exhibits that combine art, science and world of toys is to raise people’s curiosity and creativity.
Every session is like a show where visitors can take a trip in exposition with many hands-on exhibits, get the stars in the planetarium, try to find exit in the maze under Riga and get to the amazing amphitheatre of chemistry. It is both funny and educational.

Session – 1,5 hour

Visitor capacity ~ 30 people in one session


For groups and individual visitors pre registration is obligatory by E-mail: info@pagrabi.lv

Adress: A. Briana street 8, Riga, LV 1001 LATVIA.

Telephone: +371  27071059 – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 – 16:00

E-mail: info@pagrabi.lv

Fax: +371 7374093

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